Site Area36000 sqm
GPA28200 sqm

This project is a National scale competition held by a Balinese developer who has a huge commitment on preserving Balinese art and culture. The brief is to design an Art and Cultural Center in Jimbaran area that accommodate indoor museum, art gallery, and art stage as the main attraction and art market, art workshop, and artist village as supporting elements. In addition, the brief stated that the spatial zoning on site is taken from Sanga Mandala, the spatial concept of Traditional Balinese architecture.

Based on the study, it is learned that the site is located strategically surrounded by various typologies on a major development. Accordingly, the main idea of the design is making this whole project to become a public open space that accessible from the surrounding. On the zoning hierarchy, the concept of Sanga Mandala and Tri Hita Karana applied. A big open air amphitheatre is placed in the centre of the site connected to perimeter pedestrian to create a sense of arrival.

The design of the building humbly inspired by the local value and nature. A modern twist of Meru, a traditional Balinese architecture is placed on top of the main building. The using of material of Balinese red brick, wood, bamboo, and stone elaborated in a modern construction along with clear glass facade and 100m continous canopy. The artist’s village is also mimicking by Balinese traditional village and houses.

As the most essential element in Balinese architecture, the landscape is designed in respect to the Balinese philosophy. Dewi Laksmi, a goddess of beauty and harmony in Hindus belief become the inspiration. 3 elements of water, stone, and trees arranged in each zone harmoniously to create unity for the whole project.