Site Area4952 sqm
GFA24241 sqm

PT. Asuransi Jasa Indonesia (JASINDO) is one of the largest general insurance company in Indonesia. With a long history back before the independence of the country, the company has proofed themselves as one of the market leader in its field with diverse portfolios and numerous accolades. And as part of their commitment of service excellence, JASINDO aspire to have a new headquarter office that represent the company value.

Located in Pancoran, one of the busiest business district in Jakarta, the brief for this competition is to design an iconic building that represent the company identity as well as embracing green building concept.

The concept of green & sustainable design is represented in the form & massing configuration that adapt well into the tropical context of Jakarta and ensure the efficiency of the design. North south orientation is a key to reduce the heat impact into the building. Naturally ventilated corridor also being introduced in the typical office layout to enable the building to be more energy efficient.

Another feature of the green concept is the introduction of open green space at ground floor level. This space creates a microclimate space that gives shaded common ground for various public activities.
A series of vertical garden is cleverly placed to improve the building performance to contribute in heat reduction as well as vertical providing communal space for the users.