BDP Internship Programme

We’ve all heard that school alone does not prepare students for professional practice. That is why it’s crucial to work at a firm while in school—to provide yourself with a transition stage from academia to professional work, and to experience the scope of work needed in a professional practice setting.

Starting 2016 BDP opened an Internship program that provide the opportunity for students to directly apply concepts learned in school, as well as apply knowledge and professional experience to their studio projects.

To this date, there are already 4 students from Petra Christian University who had finished their internship. Vincent, Martin, Gabriela, and Jimmy, all are at their 3rd year when joining BDP.

Their presence became a valuable contribution to the firm and in return, We provide them with a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience.

For us, It’s in a firm’s best interest to support and mentor the next generation of architects. And it’s in their best interest to put their best foot forward and learn all that they can. We hope through this peogram, students will gain confidence in the work that they do, and that’s a recipe for success.

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