Baskara Design and Planning Goes to Singapore

Singapore has been always a good choice for everyone who wants to searching a great architecture and masterplanning works. Our chance to enjoy and explore the city also helped with the experience by our Design Director David and Surya, who lived there for around three years and worked as an Architectural Designer.
One of amazing experience was when we went to Garden by the Bay, and they served us with the real cherry blossoms tree under their famous flower dome. Architecture is playing a very important role, to make this happened because the cherry blossoms of course cant live at the Tropical Climate on the country like Singapore and Indonesia.
At that moment, we also lucky to get the chance to visit iLight at Marina Bay. iLight is an annual event held in Marina Bay district that focus on showing Sustainable Light Art Festival. So every year designers from all over the world will participating to display their work, and that time there was one Light Installation by Indonesia famous Architect Mr Eko Prawoto. This event is actually held by the Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore to attract visitor and tourists in a bigger scale and promote Marina Bay district for the smaller impact. We could learn how this annual event like iLight is important as one of dynamic Urban Attraction that able to activate the social economy aspect for the people.

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